Melody, of my HEART… “BE”

On the road to the riches, Try and stop and take pictures

Pay attention to each detour and yield signs along the way
be aware of the winding roads…., know that as long as you take it slow
You’ll be fine

With the glass half empty at least you know you’re not thirsty.  Try to see it for what it is… Really half full now take a sip And as it trickles down let it wash away any doubts In your mind You’ll find..

Don’t think real joy is in position or money (Noo) Don’t compare your life to somebody else that you don’t know Just what they’re going through unless you walk a mile in their shoes Don’t be blind, the sun shines on everybody

Inspired by Usher’s song “BE”… This is for you/ and for all other little precious KIDS.. .. Love u love u…Mami

Copyright (c)  2012 Maureen Lermer


10 thoughts on “Melody, of my HEART… “BE”

  1. This is so beautiful sunshine!!!! I love the wise words and how you placed each of their musical instrument of choice below each picture, how blessed they are to have a mom like you and what a blessing they are to you, love you all so much!

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