Ingredients for the wraps or pikant pancake 2 egg – cups of flour – salt to taste – half cup chopped parsley 1 1/2 cups of soy milk or milk of your choice – cooking oil for frying .. mix into a bowl and fry into a non sticky frying pan

Ingredients for the Turkey-BEET– Half beetroot(cut into tinny stripes) – 1 paprika – half onion (cut) – salt – thyme – vegetable cube 1 – cooking oil – 1 glove garlic – Cut turkey into strips.. (marinate with the salt, garlic, thyme, and veg)

Into a frying pan, put cooking oil, fry the marinated  turkey for about 20mins – add the vegetables, paprika, onion, beetroot.. fry for another 15 mins..  Serve as seen on picture.. Tip Tahin, or any dipping of your choice can be used to serve with the wraps ..

By Maureen Lermer


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