White Water Lilies

Today was not going to let me off the hook regarding  the long drive… The Authum began in earnest.. For the first time in my life I noticed the days colours, the leaves going from green to brown.. the birds  singing  in the mornings..   as I drove… enjoying the view..

There he is…   As he walked with that lazy catlike grace I knew so well, his eyes met mine, as I tried to look away to break the spell… I could not run away from your gaze…

His eyes where shining with fiery,  devil-may-care madness, as if nothing  mattered any more.  As if he could see death holding out its arms, waiting

to take him in its embrace. I looked straight up to him , as he talked softly… The sound of his voice gruff and tender,  sent a shiver through me… damn..

He pulled me towards him.  As I feel the firmness of his body pressing against mine.. crushing me. I felt his heat, smelt the sweat clean scent of his body…

He pressed his face on my hair. Then he ran his lips greedily across my ear and the  back of my neck as if he was going to eat  me. The sensation of  his mouth

on my skin made me shudder. Almost fainting, I let my body fall against his. I was aware of nothing but the  burning desire to be one with him..

Somewhere in the depths of my mind I was aware that decent women didn’t behave this way.. (like wild cats…. hmmmm) Maybe in the pleasure quarters..

We did not have much time.. I could not stop myself.  I’ve thought of nothing but you. I said to him….  How can I behave like  a normal woman when you turn me into mad woman…

I missed you…. Lawdy I did…. uuuhhh

We stood in silence,  held in each other’s gaze. We’re alike, he said , you and I.   All… this,… you know what I am saying…

He laid in  bed all relaxed..waiting for me to join in, I slowly take off my cloths, smiling down at  him,

im left only with my negligee  and my high heels . He  kept his eyes all fixed on me, not wanting to miss  any scenario..

I crawl slowly  in bed beside him… placing a kiss on his forehead and then on his lips..

I help him take off his dark black T-shirt,  he offered me his hand,  helping me sit  on his laps..

Kissing him  fully on his lips.. we kissing in french..  making funny noises between our warm breath..

as I crushed in his arms.. our body is on fire, We wanna free it from this turmoil..We have both been waiting for this moment to free ourselves.

I reach out to feel his hardness, It had been hard beneath me all the time…  with my right hand.. I slowly unzip his  brown shorts.

Damn.. it looks so good..As I nicely place a  kiss on the tip, .

I come up slowly to give him a deep kiss of appreciation.. fully on his lips… He instantly stood up to help me out of my negligee…  saying.. “damn you look good in them babe”

Taking a bottle of baby oil which was beside the bed ,  he nicely  poured some oil on my body.. like in a slow motion, he started  rubbing and caressing  my body..

making it all shiny.. paying more attention at my curves. 🙂   “the sensation is great, I love it, i love it”

Sliding  his  hand to  touch my breast..,   I cry out, as we get deep in  passion, we switching for action,

we  wanting this moment to go on like this forever..we were like two kids in a sand box..  (-**-)

We work our way from one side of the bed to another, just his body and mine, ridding in passion.. sweating..

As he dive deep into my ocean…controling the pace…..

2012 by   Maureen Lermer..


12 thoughts on “White Water Lilies

  1. Was definitely adult entertainment….A Well-written, vivid piece. Sexuality can be expressed in many different ways but you paint a picture of a man and a woman lusting but relating through making love. You can tell the two parties understand how each other thinks; therefore understanding the buttons each person has to press to get the other to explode. I don’t smoke but I had two puffs to this one!!!! Keep up the good work….

  2. This is erotica! I didn’t know you could write so well, Maureen – wow!!

    Very, very beautiful photos. And a very lusty tale…

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