Crystal Dreams *Mering – Germany*




Amazing works of nature.. Nature is ARTS.. Theraphy.. Nature has got an impact on us.. With its seasons

Each one trying to be at it’s best..

Spring  proudly  brings the first warm days of the year after cold months. This is the season when plants bloom while animals mate season when plants are in bloom while animals mate and raise their young.

Summer  being  the hottest time of the year. Got more hours of daytime than nighttime. Plants continue to bloom.

Autum is a magical  season whese leaves wither and fall to the ground. The weather becomes colder..

Winter being the coldest time of the year. Offers CRYSTAL DREAMS….


Copywrite 01/2013 Maureen Lermer



8 thoughts on “Crystal Dreams *Mering – Germany*

  1. Hey, I don’t know what’s up with WordPress, but my email settings keep changing. Didn’t see this until now. Beautiful photos and words Maureen. I didn’t know you were in Germany! My company has a corporate office in Aschaffenburg, but I’ve never visited that one yet. Hopefully someday…
    Have a great weekend!

    • Im stay in Germany.. In that village.. right beside where those pictures where taken.. i love going for walks.. Germany is a lovely place, you should visit it.. Aschaffenburg got lots of Americans, i mean they are all over the place here..

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