Love Scholership

For whatever love is.. I’m not sure I found a perfect description to it.. In my search, I found those four words, in my heart and soul, I know I have recited them and living by it principles.. I’m moving on to another category.. Towards mars and Milky way..

The simple things I neglected…  Now starts making much sence to me.. No more proving my worth.. But a steady progress which im aware of.. I know for one moment im not a fool.  I found out that Love is kind when the world is cruel

Love is like the water that flows, when I run  dry, Quenches my thirst, keeping me  alive

Love stays, even in moments  you least expects, and encourages you

Love is for ever kind.. love wont hurt you

Love makes me stronger when im sick  and weak..

Loving gives me hope.. first for me and then for my entourage

Love will hold me tight when I feel down and out. .Love  is that shoulder to lean on

Maybe im paranoid.. or just a dreamer… I know that love is an everlasting freedom..

But then.. I found out that, upon all that… the sun will shine regardless.. PEOPLE WILL neglect you, hurt.. you..

So I have decided to get my love scholarship.. I have decided to flow.. for that’s how I can grow and appreciate every moment I have..

There is simply no perfect guide to love… No Masters, will give you a straight definition of love, it is almost Mystical.. and yet so Magical.. Love is found deep between you and me.. Hey, it is a perfect blend of you and me..

Copyright 02/ 2013 by Mareen Lermer


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