Each time i do go on vacation, I do enjoy drawing, especially by the sea shore and having some private moments with my pencil and paper. Watching how each strocks adds a story to the image.. then i know that.. the ending is gonna be exciting… At the end, its a beautiful encounter of paper and pencil.. both in harmony.. as they merily make love to each other..
under the beautiful sun of Napolis, Italy

Hand drawn by Maureen Lermer

Cross roads…!!!

Whats the most amazing thing to happen to you.. to love and be loved..

To be successful in life, and be stable in mind body and soul. 

Sometimes you feel you are there, you got it, done it, seen it.. And then there are moments you feel like you are at an infantry stage.. You start to wonder and question who you really are.

You are at cross roads. You want to fetch advice from family, friends, search in internets and books. Some are inline with you and some you still need to rethink if you are in accord with.

I am talking about love, i once asked my Mum what love is, how do you know when someone loves you..??  She said love is when your partner tries not to hurt you and vise versa.. love is when we have the capacity of taking the other the way they are, growing with them and learning from each other.. No two human being is the same.. Either you grow together and go through ups and downs, or you take your time, be with a person whom you both cherish each other…

hmmmm here i am again, is it wrong to please those you love.. because you feel happy pleasing them.. ok, i hear you say hmmmm, be careful girl what you say.. You cant just let others use you…!!

Hopefully one day,.. I ll be writing another version of my love story.. the way i feel about it.. till then.. love remains a mystery to me..


03/2013 by Maureen Lermer