In search of a Soulmate.. ‘He writes’

Love is a given, hatred is acquired.

My dear love,
I am dreaming to find a relationship that will turn an ordinary life into a fairy tale, a faint hope into a dream that come true. I want to find not just a lover, but a faithful friend with whom we will spend the happiest moments of our loves. Honey, if only you were here to share the stars with me, then life would be all I have dreamed, I do believe that one day you will come into my life like sunshine and than all my dreams come true.

Yours faithfully


7 thoughts on “In search of a Soulmate.. ‘He writes’

      • šŸ™‚ Im glad to hear you back and cant wait to hear some of it, if its worth sharing of course. Im handing in there, had a birthday a few weeks ago, lil ladyy as well she is 5 now. so they getting big.tall. she graduate from k4 last month. oh so much here as well… Many Bless ings : How are your lil ones and you ?

      • My dear, it is worth sharing.. Som is to shake you head and wonder, and the other one, im glad i did pull righ through in organizing the international Feastival in Mering Germany.. I want to share pics, write stories, but i find myself not doing it.. i got lots lots to write, i hope i ll find the strenght to..share.. i will, i guess time will lead me there. I am so glad you got that strenght day in day out to write, i do read your wise words, in my outlook. You are amazing, keep it up. Thanks for your friendship, your care, may God bless your heart šŸ™‚

  1. aww Maureen. This makes me wanna get on a plane right now! šŸ˜€
    You’re awesome and geez, there must be a million guys that would thank the heavens eternally if they have your love forever.

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