Happy Harvest.

From tinny seeds to glorious beautiful crops. 


A dream come true.:-)
I have always cherished planting my own food. Together with my kids, we enjoy gardening. It’s a passion we are not ready to give up.



My garden has become a place were I sit and meditate for hours. Between onions,  carrots, peas, beans, lettuce, berries,  etc… it’s a piece of heaven where my soul finds peace.


♡♡♡♥♥♥       ☆         ♥♥♥♡♡♡


2 thoughts on “Happy Harvest.

  1. Gardening is smart and a great thing to do. I just fail to find the appropriate time to dedicate to one each time I try haha. I end up having a weed garden!
    I love that brown and red outfit you’re wearing. Where is it from?

  2. I had to laugh reading upon your comment Mitchell. Time is something you create. I know you know that. Your garden will be thankfull to you and you will be great full in return. That dress is from Cameroon. I like wearing African wears in summer, it gives some kinda freedom 🙂

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