You need to love Green PEAS

Green Peas flaunt twice the protain of most vegetables, so they’re the ideal substance for fattier protain fare, providing an excellent strategy for controlling your fat intake.
They are considered as legumes,  except they’re eaten before mature. They’re chock full of nutrients and are low in calories.
Remember when your mom told you to eat your green peas?, she knew what she was talking. 🙂
Below is my Tuna Peas salade with tomatoes.  Yummylicious ♡


2 thoughts on “You need to love Green PEAS

  1. hey, I can’t see the pic.
    So, when saying peas do you mean green peas or do you mean beans? Some places refer to peas/beans differently. Like in Jamaica, rice and peas is rice and what we call beans in USA.
    Hope you are well friend! One love!

    • Hey Mitchell, i was surprised not seeing the pictures 😦 I will redownload it. By the way it is green peas i ll change the heading, thanks dearest friend. It is so funny. One word, different meaning in different part of the world.
      I am ok dear, and i hope you are too? One love

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