Lust & Lies…

So often I hear your voice, especially when i am lonely at nite. Then I hear those familier words, saying you love me, you need me and long for me. Though we are far apart I can still hear and feel you. Deep in me I shiver babe because I miss you. Feeling like im a stranger in my own body. I miss these moments we use to share our passionate love making, we teasing and laughing.
Don’t promise me. Just go ahead, make your words come true. Guess what..? You are so far away.. I won’t let your words get deep in me unless you are coming right here next close to me. All those promises lies and silly hopes you give to me. Babe I won’t take it this time.. no, not any more.. because they hurt.. they cut deep…


Maureenlermer copyright 08/2013


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