SmoothmyDay, With Basil as star guest

 My smoothie is  BETTA!  With Basil and co

A blend of all you see in the picture..
Handful of Basil, 1 Mango, Half spoon ground ginger, 1 banana, 1 apple, Half Pineapple, and half cup of milk of your choice.. (i used Aots milk) top it with freshly grated coconut
And ofcourse a blender.
By the way, you can add honey if needed, but i enjoyed it without any

Try this and thank me later

Behind the blinds!

Behind the blinds!

….. Being behind the blinds for a while, under your ego, your spell.
it was nothing but a blind,…. not a wall made of concrate!
Still i came up with excuses like, im not ready to step out.

I thought giving you so much pleasure, attention, was a way to get back pleasure. Well, you took it all for granted..! Finally I found a solution to that.
I had to take a look at the mirrow one more time to get the answers.

I needed courage, I needed selfesteem and an extra ME..
Im not in search for excuses anymore.. I just want to be… ME
Deep in my soul, lies the secret of what i was searching for.. I only had to search deeper.
Just like a baby, i started learning to love and embrace the new me..

Im not going to blame anyone for my drawbacks, my frights.
I am going to stand up for my happiness, I owe that to myself.
….This has been a long journey getting here.. Im not out anymore taking your opinions

…..It took me courage to step out and feel the sun on my skin, the freedom to be.
How can i tell you this.. My heart is open, Im free and ready to learn ANEW..