African Creative Cuisine with Maureen Lermer

Known as African Tropical Dreams.

With 13 able students, willing to dive into the deep secrets of African cuisine.  To discover the amazing blend of spices.  As each dish stands out. From Mild to hot. A blend of pure magic.
We cooked, Mais-coconut soup, Marinated spicy turkey, peanutbutter sauce/stew, fried cabbage with a kiss of coconut milk and cardamon, casava boild in coconut milk, plantains fried and boiled,salad with honey, musterd dressing and of course ginger cake. Yes it was a full Menu!
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<a href="https://maureenler
.For your. GINGER CAKE Recipe.

250 gm floor /of your choice (glutenfree)

200gm margarine

4 eggs

180gm suger

2 full Table spoons of blended ginger

Pre warm oven to 180 degrees. Into a bowl mix in first Dry ingredients and then wet once. Finally add the ginger mix well. Put into the oven, bake for 40-45 minutes


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