I never had a Valentine..

……I just reckon I have never had a Valentine! I always was just pushed into it like it was some ritual. I even played my part, tried writing poems which never had any meaning because I never knew what it was! I just did what was to be done, said happy Valentines and moved on, while some of my friends eagerly waited for some all inclusive compliments , which comes together with a gift, Just to post on Facebook letting everyone to know how loving their partner is, waiting for those likes and compliments to raise up boosting their ego. While some posts about what they expected, how they wished it had to be. Some full of anger for getting the wrong gifts. Some even leading to horrible disputes, while some renew their vows. With some sexy bedroom activities as she wears her new lingerie showing off the best of her, and he armed with weapons to satisfy that gorgeous creature, as fantasies flushes in his mind..

Then comes this category of people who never got anything but wants to brag about something. ” my partner gave me a car..!” Ooooooh!
Then comes my category . Our symptoms, we have no clue what it is.. !

Seems like we are wishers and actors.

Why does it matter if its Valentines day? You should always appreciate and show the one you love that you love them.

Everyone does deserve to be loved. Though I also have no one to share this day with, I feel proud to say that I have shared honest love with someone, and I know, beyond all doubt, that love exists, that it will happen again, and that it is possible for everyone. And despite the feelings of today, that gives me hope.

Love is sometimes denied, sometimes unrecognized, sometimes lost, sometimes weird, but in the end, it is always found with no regrets forever valued and kept treasured

On that note,  …… Happy Valentines Day!

9 thoughts on “I never had a Valentine..

  1. This is an incredible post my dear friend. Especially when you mention love and hope. In some countries this is the day of love and friendship and I think that’s a much better way for a country to celebrate something together. Happy Valentines day Maureen! Oh, you killed me with the line ” and he armed with weapons to satisfy that gorgeous creature” hahaha nice!

    • Yes it is Scott, we need it, simple but hard to get sometimes, regardless the reminder, we have it back home too. Thing is I have never had it the way people seem to portray it these days. It’s mostly based on goods and not the being. 🙂

  2. Awesome post Maureen! I have also observed those valentine’s day activities and I completely agree with you. It really doesn’t make much sense to celebrate love only once a year but to some people that one day means everything. What we ignore is that this day involves family & friends too and so extends beyond the love between partners. While I still try to show love on other days, I’m still caught in the valentine “ritual” which by no means is forced upon me but rather what still feels natural. Well my dear, today is not a lonely day. It is another day of your blessed life so enjoy it! Hugs & kisses

    • Thanks a lot, I do enjoy it, just I still do not seem to have it the way others do! You know those extras it comes with, candle light dinner, gifts, renewed vows etc. hugs and kisses back at you.

  3. Wonderful post, Maureen, and although I’ve been married a long time to my hubby, I also feel that Valentine’s Day is for all those we love, our family, friends, pets, etc…not a day for romance only..I wrote a poem about this years ago and posted it on my poetry page again this year because Valentine’s Day may not be a happy day for all. So let’s spread the love, share the love to everyone as everyone needs to feel loved by someone. Wishing you a belated Valentine’s Day and sending hugs! 🙂

    • I am totally with you. Thing is these days people talk about what they get instead of What we share. Appreciating each other. Its so self centred almost ego centric. How are you sweetheart. I tried commenting on your wonderful poetry to no avail. I ll do it again. And you did published a poetry book. Congratulations. Hugs and lots of love

      • I know, some are totally into the materialistic aspect…I confess only to sharing pics on fb about the park we went to for our picnic. 🙂 Nothing spectacular but it was simply nice being outdoors among nature and almost spiritual in a way…thanks so much for the congrats, too. Yes, my second book is out with an even deeper purpose…have a blessed Sunday! ♥

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