Bildergebnis für pictures of invisible
………..You dance with me
but you’re not aware of me
You even pass me by, not realizing im standing there
……………..You are so into others as if i was not near
…..Will you ever remember my face?
maybe you may remember the  days!
it never occoured to me,
you ever realized i am seeking thee                                                                              have i ever existed in your world?                                                                               or have i ever been heard ?
I always felt your heart,  your pulse ,                                                                         as you pass by close
I’m invisible
i’m unseenable
i’m  not spoken to
i am not listend too
i am not even given a chance
i’m invisible im not given a glance
i´m not existing…
i’ll always be on the outside listenning
I was  so sick Of being just invisible me…
Hope someday you’ll understand me
may be make things better,
not for me but for you Mister
Wishing i was visible…
instead of  invisible..
I am not invisible… I am HERE!!
Photo credits by Mckay A. Browne 1st pic (title.)   2nd Pic by
Scott Mitchell – Photographer/Poet
Bildergebnis für pictures of invisible
by Maureen Ndemela Lermer
Dedicated to all those who feel invisible… You are visible.. because you exists.. Because you are WORTH…



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