The little sling bag 

She comes in with a sling bag hanging beside her belly . She takes a sit right across of me as she struggles to position her bag while getting sitted. 

It does not seem to be one of those fancy bags we women carry with our life savers  (lipstick, face powder,  tampons, hair spray,mouthspray, perfume, hand cream etc … ) 

She gives me a stiff  smile while  trying to get use to  her new environment. She seems okay for a moment, and then I realised she kept on adjusting her bag each time  she needs to  drink,  eat and even to be comfortable.  

I watched this beautiful woman for a while, wondering why she always consults her bag for every action she does and none of those things I mentioned above came out. 

….Then I realised that, that, little sling bag  was her LIFE SAVER. It carried a little  Device / mechanism   which was helping her to be a life.  

For a moment..I thought… Wow ..This LIFE ❤… 

 We all have our little sling bags to carry. 

One Love. Peace!


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