If only our dreams had a map. 

I am not an expert in relationships but… I thought… 

I am a dreamer, but also an achiever. I think some where in our deeps dreams, we dream of that ultimate  person, that wondrous companion that becomes your best friend as well as your lover. If only your dreams had a map and some instructions on how to get to that person, how nice and easy things would be. But I like to think that the more difficult the experience will be.  Patience is virtue,  as they say. I have gone through my ups and my downs, I think it was all necessary to shape me into the woman I am today. Let’s look at the truth here,  a woman or a nan who has never been heart broken,  or who had never screwed up a relationship or even a moment,  how can these people seriously  know how to appreciate a significant or even that truly special someone? How do they know what appreciating a good person is? We require experience only so we can perfectly adjust to that special someone. 

I think most people wish for someone considerable,  someone who can share their inners elf,  go an extra mile together,  can debate, humorous, romantic, witty, someone who appreciates,  may not have the same hobby but tolerance, great sense of love, trust, respect, passion,  friendship. 

I know most are testing their luck, but if you are too damp picky, stupid, you may sink down the road too oldness and loneliness. And you may not!!!!!! 

A base to a great friendship is a good chemistry, and tendency to reach out to experiment your personality! !

Let’s hope each one have had a taste of true love before we die. 

One love. Peace. 


5 thoughts on “If only our dreams had a map. 

  1. Enjoyed your post very much, and I agree that our mistakes make us the women we are today. I would like to add another ingredient in finding that “ultimate person.” I believe that a common faith between two people should be first on the list. My husband and I have been married 48 years, and as we’ve matured in our relationship, we have come to love Jesus more than we love each other or ourselves. From that place our marriage has grown stronger and more loving, because Jesus is in the center. Blessings.

    • Wow. I had reread your comment several times. Thank you so much for stopping by. I am so happy to read from someone like you. I often wonder what and how it. Things have changed nowadays. Seeming almost impossible to be in a relationship. That scares one a little.
      Bless your heart. Wishing you and your husband amazing moments.

  2. I agree, wholeheartedly – no matter how long or short a relationship lasted for, the time spent was never truly a waste as long as we learnt something from the experience.

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