Romantic tales from my Garden

I love gardening. Being in the mist of earth, grass, or can i call them flowers makes me happy. Planting and watching them grow adds another tale to my glories. Not only that, gardening is a therapy, helps you to focus. .

Photos by Maureen Lermer

My Burdens

I have a burden to carry, that burden is my MIND. I have  a burden to carry, that burden is my  Heart. I have a burden to carry, that burden is my SOUL.  I have a burden to  carry , that burden is my BODY. 

I have a will to make, a  will to help me carry my Burdens a step, a day, at a time.  I wish to be the person I was made to be, who is passionate  about things, the zeal to dare and the Determination to get through, despite my Burdens! !

Photographer and Artists : Aimay Menoba  (France-Angers )

Yefon Mainsah

Founder and editor at I Rep Camer . A talented Young lady who runs her own lifestyle & Entertainment blog, which very much explores the growing fashion, travel and tech industries in Cameroon and Africa as a whole.  This was created in April from 2009. 

I have come to rediscover my country Cameroon and other African countries anew through your blogging and posts via IG, FB, Twitter@irepcame

 People like you are needed in our societ

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One love. Peace