Tropical Tasty Treat. 🍜

This time around i had some special guests, Sandra and Amin Kneer parttaking in my cooking classes. :)♨

We cooked Yams porridge, or turnning yams, cassava,  Fried spinach,  jellofrice,mixed salad with avocado,  beetroot coconut soup,  and Tropical spongy cake with mixed tropical fruits.   

Empowering women by bringen the Best out of them. Mering 

Teaching them  how to create  their  own jewelry.  Their smiles  to  their end result is equal to a Million Euro 

After surviving what ever tourture they went through.  A moment for themselves to create is worth more than you can think.  They are from Eritrea  Syria,  Afghanistan, Germany etc

We meet once in a month in Awo Mering to create, over a cup of tea and cake.  Baked by the ladies.  

Bridging the gab in a funfilled way is the best Therapy ever.