It is time for an Ultra creamy Pina-LimeO Smoothie


We need

1 cup fresh pineapple

2 lime (juiced)

6 tbsps Soymilk

2 tbsps braun Suger

Blender or hand mixer

For those who like it super icy, add 6-8 crushed ice cubes

Hand mixer or Blender

The Red liquid at the bottom is my self made Cherry syrup, optional


Blend all together well, pour into a glass with cherry syrup(optional)  and enjoy! Serves, I did garnish mine with a lime and pineapple wedge



This was done by my amazing friend Scott Mitchell Photographer, Poet and Artist, in honor of me. As written below by him.  Thanks a whole lot my dearest friend. I wish people can appreciate one another!  One Love. Peace!

In honor of my dear friend Maureen in light of her passion to help other people in humanitarian efforts and more, all while never seeking recognition for doing so. “One love” I often hear her say and she means it.
The selfless hold the hope of the world -SM