Milika is 10 

She was thae most beautiful girl in the room today. With her immaculate white dress. She says. ‘

I was sad leaving Afghanistan,  leaving behind everything,  I never knew we will find solace love and care in Germany, Mering’. 

My family!!!!  She says.. she meant her new home, the Asylee helpers of Mering and other loving people, taking care of them/ her. 

What a happy and grateful child. 

What ever, future holds for you,  may you have the courage to face it with love and respect. 

Yours Maureen. ..One love. 

Dental care School for kids – Friedberg

This is how it looks like, teaching kids how to brush their teeth.
Last month, we took kids to get their teeth checked.
These kids have come along way to where they are today. Some still brave to smile while some were still very shy.
The only thing between those kids and us was our language barrier. But, We provided them the most friendly and welcoming atmosphere to make them feel at ease.
They all come from different countries. Syria, Pakistan, Ethiopia,Somalia etc.
It was interesting watching how they responded to the dentist, who spoke a total different language, while demonstrating.

It was such a successful day!


In the Dark by Xaver Lermer

In the dark by Xaver lermer

It’s dark around me, I’m scared. ‘Where are you ?’ I asked. But no one answers. I started walking around without knowing where to go… I hear someone screaming…. But I don’t know who, and I don’t know where. I started running, thinking what happened! But knowing that the same will will happen to me, I get even more scared. I fall over, there was a stone in the way. I hear footsteps coming nearer. I asked who’s there, but I don’t get any answers. I try to stand up, but my foot hurts to much to walk. The footsteps are getting louder. I close my eyes. I feel a hand on my shoulder. I look up. I see a smiling person and that person tells me ‘it’s all right now. You don’t need to run anymore’. I smile back. I feel a short pain.