Ndemela’s Creations-NC- Being Creatively Me..


Let’s begin the year with vibrant colours and styles which makes you smart, sexy and faminine and so You.. with Ndemela’s Creations

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African print can be worn alongside with anything. It’s vibrant colours makes it unbeatable..Attachment 3

Attachment 5

Start the Year with simple styles which makes you smart and sexy .

Yours Faithfully Maureen Lermer



Sari 🌺


Some call it Sarre,  while others call Sharing. .
My Indian girlfriend really wanted to see me in Sari! She asked me if I had a Sari, of course  I do!.  Here I am with my Sari! This was made specially for me, some 16 years ago in Kuwait.
Inspired by Arsha.

One Love 💞