Watermelon mint drink -cool summer-


Watermelon is a thirst quencher. This fruit consists of 91% water. Watermelon juice is good for you if you are on a diet. Share with me, my healthy watermelon mint juice, easy to make , refreshing flavour, for hot summer days.

Watermelon, mint water,  fresh mint leaves, any sweeter (optional) and yes add some ice to it.

Fresh up your life!
@28/7/2015 maureenlermer

It is time for an Ultra creamy Pina-LimeO Smoothie


We need

1 cup fresh pineapple

2 lime (juiced)

6 tbsps Soymilk

2 tbsps braun Suger

Blender or hand mixer

For those who like it super icy, add 6-8 crushed ice cubes

Hand mixer or Blender

The Red liquid at the bottom is my self made Cherry syrup, optional


Blend all together well, pour into a glass with cherry syrup(optional)  and enjoy! Serves, I did garnish mine with a lime and pineapple wedge

SmoothmyDay, With Basil as star guest

 My smoothie is  BETTA!  With Basil and co

A blend of all you see in the picture..
Handful of Basil, 1 Mango, Half spoon ground ginger, 1 banana, 1 apple, Half Pineapple, and half cup of milk of your choice.. (i used Aots milk) top it with freshly grated coconut
And ofcourse a blender.
By the way, you can add honey if needed, but i enjoyed it without any

Try this and thank me later

Can I smoothie Y♡U? – Mango, Plums, Pineapple

Can I smoothie Y♡U? - Mango, Plums, Pineapple

Here is an enchanting smoothie recipe to wake you up.
All you need is:
Frozen Mango,Plums,
fresh banana, fresh Pineapple, freshly crushed 1/4 teaspoon ginger. And half a cup of coconut milk
Remember to free the pineapple and banana from its skin.
Blend all the above fruits untill smooth and creamy.

Enjoy this creamy with a pinch of spicyness in and body will l♡ve y♡u m♡re

HERBAL Liquid-Booster Gluten-Free

HERBAL Liquid-Booster  Gluten-Free

A mixrture of Herbs blend in a blender or juicer, with grapes and spinach, not forgetting ginger the great! You can sweeten it with honey or brown suger, a dash of nutmeg, and oh not forgetting cardamom, it adds that magical soul to it.
Herbs are great for antioxidant, they sooth and relives indigestion.
Each harbes plays a vital role in our system.
You can blend the mixture smoother to a smoothie or pass it through a sieve as a drink.

Toss ♡♥♡

Time to boost your System.. with “Soulmates Power Smoothies..”


Feeling sleepy, weak, powerless, down and out…!!  Try my power booster Gluten-free smoothies.

SoulMates PowerSmoothies

Simple yet so so  enjoyable..  Grapes, Carrot, Kiwi, Coconut-milk, Ginger, Apple.

You may probably need a , blender (hand mixer) for it.. Have fun.. .)