Life is a Beast

One second you were here, next moment you are gone. 

On a sunny and hot afternoon news was brought to me that you are gone.  Took me a while to realize, felt like I  received a punched on my stomach. Confused, disorientated,  bewildered,  I burst out crying. At first it felt like my heart was bursting out, and then I was gasping for air. Why? I asked … gazing into nowhere  trying to see something, as i try to get answers. 

Your term here on earth is  served and terminated.  Life comes with no manuals. Permit me to say this, You did a great job. You will be forever missed. But never forgotten.  Life is a beast.

Trial of fire…


I thought about us, while craving for our silly plays and your magic touches. I closed my eyes,  needing rest, yet I thougt of you even more, my desires won out.

I was shaking, blood rushing to my head, from my desires for you, needing your touch, your teasing. I could feel your breath, taste your lips. Deep in my thoughts I was lost for a minute.

Lawdy.. I was only dreaming while awake, recalling images of us, of our fingers exploring our secret  hidden places only you and i know they exist. Lusting for your passionate kisses, pressing gentle against me.

This passionate night fled, leaving a trail of fire. without a visible trace, and still I thought about us.


08,02, 2016