Empowering women by bringen the Best out of them. Mering 

Teaching them  how to create  their  own jewelry.  Their smiles  to  their end result is equal to a Million Euro 

After surviving what ever tourture they went through.  A moment for themselves to create is worth more than you can think.  They are from Eritrea  Syria,  Afghanistan, Germany etc

We meet once in a month in Awo Mering to create, over a cup of tea and cake.  Baked by the ladies.  

Bridging the gab in a funfilled way is the best Therapy ever. 

Sari 🌺


Some call it Sarre,  while others call Sharing. .
My Indian girlfriend really wanted to see me in Sari! She asked me if I had a Sari, of course  I do!.  Here I am with my Sari! This was made specially for me, some 16 years ago in Kuwait.
Inspired by Arsha.

One Love 💞