Trial of fire…


I thought of us, while craving for our silly plays and thoughts. I closed my eyes,  needing rest, yet I thougt of you even more, untill  my desires won out.

I was shaking, blood rushing to my head, from my desires for you, needing your touch, your teasing. I could feel your breath, the  taste of your lips. Deep in my thoughts I was lost for a minute.

Lawdy..  was I only dreaming while awake? Recalling images of us, of our hands exploring our secret  places only us know they exist. Lusting for your passionate kisses,  caressing and  love making

This passionate night fled, leaving a trail of fire. without a visible trace, and still I thought about us.

08,02, 2016 Maureen Lermer











In the Dark by Xaver Lermer

In the dark by Xaver lermer

It’s dark around me, I’m scared. ‘Where are you ?’ I asked. But no one answers. I started walking around without knowing where to go… I hear someone screaming…. But I don’t know who, and I don’t know where. I started running, thinking what happened! But knowing that the same will will happen to me, I get even more scared. I fall over, there was a stone in the way. I hear footsteps coming nearer. I asked who’s there, but I don’t get any answers. I try to stand up, but my foot hurts to much to walk. The footsteps are getting louder. I close my eyes. I feel a hand on my shoulder. I look up. I see a smiling person and that person tells me ‘it’s all right now. You don’t need to run anymore’. I smile back. I feel a short pain.



Behind the blinds!

Behind the blinds!

….. Being behind the blinds for a while, under your ego, your spell.
it was nothing but a blind,…. not a wall made of concrate!
Still i came up with excuses like, im not ready to step out.

I thought giving you so much pleasure, attention, was a way to get back pleasure. Well, you took it all for granted..! Finally I found a solution to that.
I had to take a look at the mirrow one more time to get the answers.

I needed courage, I needed selfesteem and an extra ME..
Im not in search for excuses anymore.. I just want to be… ME
Deep in my soul, lies the secret of what i was searching for.. I only had to search deeper.
Just like a baby, i started learning to love and embrace the new me..

Im not going to blame anyone for my drawbacks, my frights.
I am going to stand up for my happiness, I owe that to myself.
….This has been a long journey getting here.. Im not out anymore taking your opinions

…..It took me courage to step out and feel the sun on my skin, the freedom to be.
How can i tell you this.. My heart is open, Im free and ready to learn ANEW..


NATURE IS….. amazing…

Nature is......

Nature is LoVe

Nature is you and me....


I ll spend hours watching the sky display, like it was in a movie.. the leaves flatter… as the wind romances my ears and face… my mind is focused.. on the wonders NATURE got to offer… ´My camara always ready to captivate those moments…


oNe lOvE pEaCe……