Avocado Sensation – Salad. Gluten-Free Garden


All you need is:
1 Avocado
1 Paprika
2 citrus
Salt to taste
Fresh Chilli (optional) only if you like it hot..
1 Spoon vegetable oil (optional)
1/2 Onion
A handful green olives
Fresh basil

Cut paprika, avocado, onions in stripes or cubes.
Squeeze the citrus and free the juice from seeds. Pour it on the items which are cut above. Plus the olives salt to taste and mix
Finally Chop basil and  mix to it as well. 
Hint* If you like it really hot and spicy add sliced fresh chilli to it

* You can pimp it up with boiled eggs too like in the second picture as above.
Salt to taste.


HERBAL Liquid-Booster Gluten-Free

HERBAL Liquid-Booster  Gluten-Free

A mixrture of Herbs blend in a blender or juicer, with grapes and spinach, not forgetting ginger the great! You can sweeten it with honey or brown suger, a dash of nutmeg, and oh not forgetting cardamom, it adds that magical soul to it.
Herbs are great for antioxidant, they sooth and relives indigestion.
Each harbes plays a vital role in our system.
You can blend the mixture smoother to a smoothie or pass it through a sieve as a drink.

Toss ♡♥♡