I am a pefectly beauiful flower

I should not be hidden, cannot be hidden, will not be hidden

My love is bold and fearless,

brave and boundless

It cannot be contained, should not be contained, will not be contained

If you must lie and make excuses to keep your broken pieces in peace,

then allow me to preserve  the fantasies of you within my heart and let you go

For tucked inside your excuses lies the woman I’m not, shouldn’t be and will not be…not even for you

I am a perfectly beautiful flower

the very best in all your gardens

Do you not see how the other butterflies flock towards me?

Do you not see how they vie for my attention?

Why should I suffer the consequences of that which I did not commit?

I cannot, should not, will not live with half your sun

I cannot, should not, will not sing with half a song

I am a perfectly beautiful flower

He who has willingly tasted of my intoxicating fragrance

is compelled to proudly and bravely wear me on his lapel and

not hide me inside pockets of lies and excuses or

allow me to slowly wither under the shadows of his flickering lights.

I am a perfectly beautiful flower, I was born to bloom

and bloom I shall!

Copyright © 2012 Bernice Angoh



I know you are in pains..

lets try to keep things real..

It is not good to see you everyday in pains,

you do not have to think all men and women are bad..

just because someone misused your trust.

Let it go. Someone somewhere might ease your pains

You do not have  to stay up late at night being restless

You do not have to wait

You  ain’t alone,  don’t give up on love.. We all need someone..  Smile

OnE LoVe..PeAce..!!

by Maureen Lermer