Salzburg – Wien 

A day in Wien / Austria with  Franz.

The birth town of Mozert  and not forgetting “The Sound of Music.  

A ride through the city with the Coach and a city  guide.  Another great way to learn about the town.  On foot is even better,  but the cold was very hard on us.  

  • They have amazing Coffee, Tee shops,  the choice is yours.  I had the feeling that every 2nd  house was A coffee, Tee shop 

AUF WIEDERSEHEN ..Servus from us. 

One love. Peace.  

Salzburg 7.01.2017 by Maureen Lermer


Edelweiss is  a white flower that grows in the  Alps, mainly in AustriaAustria Switzerland and Germany.  The name edelweiss means “White and noble”

Our Bus got stuck in the snow  😆

My water got frozen too! !!!😄😄

Finally made it at the hut. ..yes!!!!! 1040 meters high.  

IT was an old hut,  but it had just enough space for us.  We squeezed in. We had Glühwein,  brewed Tee,  Coffee,  Käsekuchen,  “cheececake” etc…..👌

What a brilliant trip.  ❄⛄:idea:

Edelweiß Edelweiß,  every morning you great me. Small and wise clean and bright you look happy to meet me. ..

Reminds me of “The sounds of Music”

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