1001 reasons ….(plus = minus) we must deal with the ANSWER

1001 reasons.. i got to stand up right

He says.. 1001 reasons why love don’t love me.. So I thought,   but, we could..change the DON’T LOVE ME to DO LOVE ME… OR rather.. lets flow with the END RESULTS…

So I watch what he meant and found out that,.. he was telling us that you can patch up mold yours and make it worth.. Because that 1001 reasons he searches for the ultimate answers way beyond….!!

He meant..

“because the wind does not require the Grass To answer-Wherefore when it pass by, so you  can not keep your place…”  Time is always your partner… as you indulge yourself from one activity to another
I  know  enough your search for  Wisdom….
As we sleep,  we shut our world of thoughts, that’s when yours starts…

1001 reasons... all i got is TIME

Sometimes we can’t tell if you’re excited or upset, But trust me, we know you are out there to encourage the most….  Those who have passes through you  would never regret. Not to talk of those who still enjoys the comforts of knowing you.  Think of all your friends, old, and new….

This is the  time to be free. You could be a writer, a lawyer, a doctor, a cook, a journalist, a poet, singer… With just a pick up of your knowledge. You know it’s time  to be let out of the nest…..

1001 reasons... i got to follow my destiny... take a risk, make a change.. make a move

It’s a hard decision to make, But it’s a risk you’ll have to  take. Just take it easy, You’ll know when you’re ready.,… bu deep in me… I trust that, you  are on the roll..

By Maureen Lermer


Knowing my heart means.. you love me..

Knowing my heart means….. you know I am willing to give a try..

Knowing my heart  means..you love me  because I am honest  and strong ..

Knowing my heart means.... you Care...!!

Knowing my heart means….  you know  where you belong,  right here with me were you  hold me ,console me and be my best friend.

Knowing my heart means…. you are able to light up my days fill my heart and my soul with your sweet loving ways

knowing my heart means.... you trust me....!!!

Knowing my heart means.. you never pretend and if I am hardheaded you always give in,  you,re so easy to love so hard to forget faithfully and true.

Knowing my heart means.... we belong together...

Knowing my heart means… I love you because you are quick to forgive overlooking my faults each day that I live so slow to anger so quick to respond to my loving wishers above and beyond…

Knowing my heart means......

By Maureen Lermer

MOTHER – DAUGHTER – endless bond…-

MOTHER-DAUGHTER "endless bond"

It has always been from generation to generations.. However life may turn, this gift will be a mountain that has made many river  to bend, as well as  flow the same way to the sea.

We Know this bond which was built for years will not go away without leaving a trace.
We know our lives just for a brief eternity. We got to Understand truths that never end.

But still with lots of patients, love and understanding Mother you teach me lots, to become a real girl, lady and for sure…  future mother of your grand children
We’ve  been best  friends, even if i ll have to  go far away for many years. Please I won’t leave you without letting you knowing how I feel as  time nears. I know you’re older, more mature, full of wisdom and far beyond me in some ways. But there’s between us something pure that’s given me these magic .
I will for ever thank you for the love, patience, lessons, tips, recipes….. I promise l will  bring forth the same ritual to my daughter(s)  “I love you….. endlessly.. MOTHER….


Aktion gesundes Pausenbrot in der Meringer Grundschule, “Mering”.. Once in a while the children at the Luitpold school Mering have a healthy snack treat for break

Parents help in the preparation.. for a healthy SNACKS AT BREAK.." In a world today, where sweets have replaced vegies and fruits..!!!!!

Luidpold school Mering...

Helping hands.. all for the kids Healthy Lunch....!!!

We waiting for the kids, so as to serve them... Did i make mention that Malaika and Franz do school here....??


They were all excited... they loved it

Rendezvous in milkyway…

 I wish for the dreams that brings you near. So that I can feel your lips on my hips, my thighs Oh My!….. Mummmm this can’t be right, everything feels so tight The feeling of the blood in my veins turning warm.  The perspiration of my skin lets me know you are near,  in those wonderful dreams in which  our souls meets and  caresses once again. We getting so deep into each others sweet scent and touch.

“We  lay side by side  so that our breath may touch our hearts. It feels like the warmth of the sun that lies within your smile. We caress each other passionately…, it feels like we are  amongst the clouds of want and desire. Deep in my sleep I  found  the dream I seek  to reach your  soul.
As you walk with me forever into this night’s wish, Lets leave happiness, love to show us the way. slowly take me into your arm and feel the strength your love brings. While our kisses guides us, our tongues search for each others …  melancholy.

You see who captured my dreams…????  It’s YOU,  who consumes every thought that touches the sky.  Phew..   I slowly dare,  to open my eyes in the hope you  lay beside me. Hoped I may see, feel and touch what I thought was only a dream.


Kindergarden kids, visited me at my home..!!!!!! :)


kindergarden kids surprised me with a thank you visit at my place..

You can’t imagine how they made my day.. they had the brightest smiles ever.. i had the most wonderful gifts ever…!!!!!!

They sang for me..


I was a part of their Africa project, those are pictures of what we did.... (given to me by them)


presenting the paintings of my kids and I..


Thy surprised me with this ACT....!!! 🙂


OMG...Look at what they gave me... they made it them selves..!!!!! im melting inside..!!


Twas time to say goodbye.... They were so wonderful, they asked if they can come visit again... SURE.. you can..!!!




Dedicated to my cousin.. Deloris 


I ain’t gonna say much… Dee…

Just want to let you know that, I’m so proud, of the who you are !

You may be small, but your dreams are BIG! Helping people, being strong, and always staying true to yourself. Your future lies in your own two hands, not in a crystal ball.


You are awesome. You share the best with friends, your bubble gum,   bear hugs, laughter, jokes and lots of super-secrets. Just like your friends, so we are, your family, we just can’t have enough of you!

You are unique on the outside, as on the inside.


you  really super cool. Open hearted. . . always going some place special with something important, mischievous… 😉  to do. I know, what you hurt for..  i so wish your wishes come true..


Grandma is sure  proud of you…. love you ALWAYS…!!!

Been missing you…!!!!

Been missing you...!

As I lay me down,  I have been wishing,  hoping.. wanting, lusting to be held, .. to feel your warmth, to feel your beating heart…Been missing you,  your strong arms, that  holds me firm, protecting me.. Do you know that,  for a moment for a while… my worries are blown away.???
I Just want to fall deep into your awaiting arms.. so that my desires
our desires will be filled,
We will be comforting, ´holding and loving each other… With a mixture of dreaming passionate tender warm kisses and embraces ..  As you fill me with your loving words.. you  give me the  feeling we belong……


It is during adversity when one can really make a big difference. But making a difference is not about being a big hero. It is simply about leaving the bathroom a little cleaner going out, than when you came in.
Tom Brokaw

It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.
Paul “Bear” Bryant

It’s not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference.

Never be afraid to do something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark; professionals built the titanic.
Ayn Rand

Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps, down new roads, armed with nothing but their own vision.