Dreams were made for you to have a taste of what you long for.

Hold on to it,  you need not share with any one,  if you want.

Some may come true and some  may not.

I dream my life will be so different from what it seems.

But, I am going to make it look like a dream come true.

Some dreams do really come true…

Be real… Be you…!!!

Be real..Be you..

I am useful……      I am true….   I belong… I love being happy
I am somebody ……    I am worthy…  I am as good as you

I need no lies,  but your support

And what I am,  needs no excuses

I need no games , but your encouragement,  and your support

Show me the things you know,  I so want to learn

That calls for no drama, life is so short.

It’s one life and there’s no return and no deposit

One life so it’s time to open up your closet

I wish to  discover the real you and  beyond

I won’t judge you, just want to see the spark in your eyes

I won’t grumble, if you decide other wise

But, be real…,  be you…

After all I play my own deck, sometimes the aces some times the deuces

I  for sure need,  my little pride in my world, and I am not going to hide myself.

Try and  see things from a different angle. Every one has to bang his or her own drums.

Our paths will always cross some way or the other

Seeking someone to talk to, some one to trust,  to smile,  go wild and crazy

(Life is a bliss)  So much to discover and learn out there (One love. Peace) 😉


Don’t be Sad, when i am there to put a smile on your face

I’ll  be there to  wipe  your tears when you hurt and cry

I’ll  hug, sooth, calm you, when you are angry and furstratedt

I’ll comfort you, when you feel down,  lonely, and no one is there for you

When you feel unloved, pushed aside, not wanted

I ll be here  to tell you how beautiful/handsome, important and lovely you are

Regardless what, how it may sound, never mind, if you have something in your mind to say,

I ll be there to listen and together we can figure out something

Lost in confussion, let’s sit down take a minute go over things and sort them out

Even when you feel like you are going crazzzy, please i want to be there to bring you back to Sanity

You planning to run away, becouse you can’t take things anymore.. I’ ll gladly run away with you.

You are  scared and frighten, never mind, i ll be here to protect you as much as i can

Please try not to worry for i ll be right here to worry with you. Your worries are mine…!!


(I have been there i know how it feels, that is why i am HERE for you, when you need me)

oNe LoVe. PEACE…



Everyday is a journey, unique as it can be

Every step is progress with results you can’t wait to see

Every word makes an impact that may change you forever

Every change is a new beginning which may be your saver.


The birds will never stop flying

Even though they may prefer lying

To rest their wings which helps them search for plight

But ultimately they must keep going to finish the


As humans we hope each day is filled with glory

Even though it may end up making us sorry

But we must continue pushing forth

To find our destination of sorts

There will always be a destination and a never ending journey



As a child I learnt of  mates. That persons are made perfectly for each other.  That there is  that thing called Destiny..

I grow up  believing I  will one day find one, that person I will feel connected to, that  person I will call my mate my “Soul Mate

After much heartache and
many River of tears. This notion I had held into for years began to  fade. How often did I read in books as a little girl and pronounced, many a times these words, “They lived happily ever ”  So often  I close my eyes, and see myself in the act. Secretly I wished, I was the one! (huuuuh…)

I am still waiting on that day. I know it begins no differently than yesterday and the days
before, but it is,  that will change me forever, forever…  A day
that magic and fantasy will become real.

Sometimes I often think of it like … ” it may begin with the holding of eye contact, an
introduction, a smile. Regardless how it began.”    That moment will be

As times and years goes by
and I am moving forward, accepting my failure and proud of my

It will be an “AT LAST…”

How about you, did you find your soul mate, or are you still on a search. ???

How did you get to know your soul mate, how did it began. How does it feel to feel love BEYOND ???

How does it feel to love UNCONDITIONALLY..  ????

Love and bliss…


The Best Kind of Friends are…

The Best Kind of Friends...

The best kind of friends are the ones that you share good times with.

A friend  who can make you laugh is worth a handful who can’t.

So often we walk around  with the weight of the world on our shoulders.

Our bodies become tense and this  is a cause for most illnesses.

Having humor in your life is not just a matter of  a good time, it’s also a matter of living longer.

Often when you have a  friendship that has lasted a long time you continue to share memories of  humorous interactions that you shared.

Even a moment can determine who a good friend is, hold them at heart. Good friends are like rare GERMS..

Put in mind that no two human are the same, we all got our flows. The best moment to know and appreciate a friendship  is when you can stand  their dark sides. Accepting them for who they are

This may be the glue that holds the  friendship together.