Looking through the lens with SCOTT MITCHELL

How are you today?

I’m good every day that I’m alive, thanks.

What are your names?

Scott Mitchell

Scott 2014

Where do you come from?

I was born in Detroit and quickly moved to a northern farm town of Michigan at a very young age.

Where are you based?

I’m based on the planet earth, but often feel my soul fills the expanse of the universe. My current activity related to art and photography is anywhere that inspiration takes me. My professional job in IT is based in the Metro Detroit area, but even that is in a global company.

What does photography mean to you?

Photography for me means a lot. Everyone now is a photographer, but my goals with it go deeper than capturing selfies and memories. I feel it is the best way to capture a moment of human expression; a moment that can tell a story that is either accurate or one that the viewer chooses to create in their own eyes.

Scott Shooting


What first drew you to  photography and how did you discover it?

I had a photography class in high school that highly intrigued me. We used 35mm cameras and developed our own film and photos. I loved it, but fell away from it when the class finished. It wasn’t until later in life that I became interested again. Approximately 6 years ago I started playing with the manual settings on my Sony Cybershot as I tried to capture people / culture moments as well as some sunset scenes in Colombia. That was the point of no return for me and I started emptying my pockets for camera and lens purchases.


What do you think makes a memorable  photograph?

The most memorable photograph reveals expression I believe. While on holiday you take a photo with your friend in front of the Costa Rica zip line adventures office and then one of you screaming during the adrenaline packed moment of zipping through a jungle canopy, both photos are memorable, but one is more memorable and has more powerful expression in it. The same power of expression can be caught in quiet and humble moments as well when people are in the photo.

How does black and white vs color play into your work? Do you find them to be totally separate beasts or complementary?

B&W and color photos are separate beasts and complimentary I think. As you see now, artists are even combining the two and using bits of color to entertain our eye. I debate on every photo whether or not I’ll make it black and white or color. I believe that going B&W removes color distraction in some expressive moments. Next time you look at a B&W photo notice how quickly your mind can process it as opposed to a color photo.

Old man


What do you want your viewers to take away from your work?

As in my poetry, I always hope that viewers can see the same thing I saw and feel the same thing I felt in the moment of the photograph. If you remember our photoshoot, I wanted to sit and talk between sets. That’s me attempting to make a deeper connection during the moment so I can then attempt to capture something more in the photo.

Who are some of your favorite classic photographers, and how did they influence you?

I’ll go with two that you may not expect ones for this question. Sally Mann and Vivian Maier.

Sally has been very unorthodox in her photo adventures. She’s done some work I’d never even be interested in doing, but the results are incredible. In one of her sets “Deep South” for example, the photos are sometimes an ordinary scene, but she somehow captured it in a way that gives a strong eerie feeling that won’t allow the eyes to look away.

Vivian Maier was a nanny in NYC and took thousands of photographs during her life, of which many reveal a uniquely creative eye for doing so. The sad part is that nobody ever saw any until after she passed away and someone bought a box of her belongings which included hundreds of undeveloped film rolls. I recommend that everyone look her up online to see her work.

When you are out shooting, how much of it is instinctual versus planned?

It’s almost always instinctual for me. As you know, I’m not a studio photographer so I always need to make use of whatever surroundings and lighting is available in the given moment. This is how I like things to be.


What are some projects/ideas you have for photography

I’m in the down season right now since it’s winter here and I don’t have a definite plan for any projects at the moment. For me it’s like writing poetry. A muse just suddenly appears and I go with it. I do plan on traveling to Africa though and I’m sure I’ll take more photos there than I ever have elsewhere.

Why do you take photos?

For the satisfaction of artistic desire being quenched.

Tensia Drawing

How has social media played a role in your photography?

Social media has allowed me to share my work and receive feedback from people around the glob. Also, I take advantage of following many inspirational photographers and I learn from their work.

What are some tips/advice you would give to yourself if you started  photography all over again?

While perhaps my progress could have been faster, I’m completely happy with how it all played out. In the realm of art I’ve learned that no creativity worth doing can ever be forced. It has to be inspired. Therefore, I wouldn’t tell myself to do anything differently. I might say to buy the more expensive camera sooner than later to save the time and money on the cameras I wouldn’t be satisfied with.

where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I used to plan a lot for the future, but started living in the present moment much more. I love adventure and I love life, so I see myself being the same as I am now. I know there will be failures and successes and it’s all good. Wherever I end up is exactly where I should be.

What are your hobbies?

Besides photography, I like writing poetry and short stories. I love travelling!

We will like to see some of your favorite photography.

You always have permission to share any of my work my dear friend Maureen.

Thanks for making time for this interview!

A big thanks to you for honoring me with an interview. Hope to see you soon!

Maureen and Scott

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Email address: scottmitch@live.com

By the way, Scott and i did some great shoots down town Chicago, it was amazing working with him!

One Love. Peace