Multi grain crackers and Kidney beans. .BURGER

20141115_124422 Time for yummy snacks. It really tastes good


Loaded with potassium and magnesium, kidney beans help keep blood pressure in check, while their high fiber content helps reduce bad LDL cholesterol, fighting off heart disease. Kidney beans are also rich in iron and protein, making them a great meat substitute for vegetarians.
Now you know why they are good for you.

Multi-Grain Crackers
Multi-Grain Crackers are a tasty, gluten free alternative to processed wheat crackers. With a blend of whole grain brown rice, stone-ground corn, oat fiber and a 4-seed blend, Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers are oven baked and have 65% less fat than fried multi-grain tortilla chips.

They make a great base for your favorite spreads and topping or can double as a chip for your favorite dips.


In the Dark by Xaver Lermer

In the dark by Xaver lermer

It’s dark around me, I’m scared. ‘Where are you ?’ I asked. But no one answers. I started walking around without knowing where to go… I hear someone screaming…. But I don’t know who, and I don’t know where. I started running, thinking what happened! But knowing that the same will will happen to me, I get even more scared. I fall over, there was a stone in the way. I hear footsteps coming nearer. I asked who’s there, but I don’t get any answers. I try to stand up, but my foot hurts to much to walk. The footsteps are getting louder. I close my eyes. I feel a hand on my shoulder. I look up. I see a smiling person and that person tells me ‘it’s all right now. You don’t need to run anymore’. I smile back. I feel a short pain.



Maureen Lermer: Photoshoot and Interview with a Model and Artist

Worldiction Arts

After doing a photo shoot in Chicago with my amazing friend Maureen, I interviewed her on her perspectives of art because I knew how it plays an important role in her life and much of what she does. She is always creating something artistic, even with food. She has always been a pleasant person to talk with and she brings a positive spirit into any room she enters. In her interview below I completely understand and can relate to her views of art.

What is your favorite type of art?
My favorite type of art, is that which is the language of human greatness, both good and bad. It allows me to ‘speak’ of that which we aspire to. It raises me from the mundane into excellence. It gives me poignancy. It liberates me from our systematic lives into the fullness of being human. It is giftedness. It is reality seen…

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