Passionate wishful Desires for 2

As months turns into weeks, days, hours, minutes… seconds…. Finally!!

I have been waiting for this moment…
Here we are, staring at each other, eyes deep planted into our souls.
You want me just as much as I want you…. let’s stop fooling around.

Take me in your arms….kiss me all over… play love games on my body, bring out what’s been in me for far too long.
Damn! We know..  that’s all we keep dreaming and longing for.

Let’s work ourselves like we’ve never done before.. till we just can’t take no more and melt into each other’s magic.
I want you now.. and i know you want me too. Let’s wait no more…..

Here we are looking for a reason …. for us to anticipate
For a love like ours is never out of season. Please… stop teasing me!
Let’s pamper ourselves. We both know no other can love us, the way we do.
We are natures best gift to each other☯️💝

9.01.2017 @Maureen Lermer

Salzburg – Wien 

A day in Wien / Austria with  Franz.

The birth town of Mozert  and not forgetting “The Sound of Music.  

A ride through the city with the Coach and a city  guide.  Another great way to learn about the town.  On foot is even better,  but the cold was very hard on us.  

  • They have amazing Coffee, Tee shops,  the choice is yours.  I had the feeling that every 2nd  house was A coffee, Tee shop 

AUF WIEDERSEHEN ..Servus from us. 

One love. Peace.  

Salzburg 7.01.2017 by Maureen Lermer


Edelweiss is  a white flower that grows in the  Alps, mainly in AustriaAustria Switzerland and Germany.  The name edelweiss means “White and noble”

Our Bus got stuck in the snow  😆

My water got frozen too! !!!😄😄

Finally made it at the hut. ..yes!!!!! 1040 meters high.  

IT was an old hut,  but it had just enough space for us.  We squeezed in. We had Glühwein,  brewed Tee,  Coffee,  Käsekuchen,  “cheececake” etc…..👌

What a brilliant trip.  ❄⛄:idea:

Edelweiß Edelweiß,  every morning you great me. Small and wise clean and bright you look happy to meet me. ..

Reminds me of “The sounds of Music”