Podium Discussion – what is poverty?


Are we living at the cost of the Poor?
That was the discussion we had last year November, on the 10th  anniversary of Christus Treff.

For years, i have been Pondering on that topic, wanting answers, just to clear my doubts, to my surprise people had different approach to what poverty is. Some i found unbelievable, What they think is comfortable is a sign of poverty to others. Well these things do play a role too, Education, Politics, Religion, etc

How will you explain to someone who does not know what poverty is, who posses not so much, and is happy and satisfied with their situation. Just because you posses those extra things you hang on does not make you RICH!

On the Podium we had Dr. Simone Strohmayer(Mdl) of SPD, Diakon Michael Popfinger, Maureen N. Lermer and Banjamin Mampionona.
I have to tell you about Mr Banjamin Mampionona. He is helping those in Madagasca to learn to help themselves with their resources, knowledge, while pimping it with the western Techniques. His organization is called AMBOHITSARA. They have helped in various sectors like Schools, farming, hospitals/medication
“This will be my next project, in Cameroon. I want to follow his footsteps, but i can’t do it all alone, i ll need your help. If you are ready, lets do it” Together we can!.



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