Strickly for laughs… “My offer”

Kind gesture!!

I appreciate your writing. Yet am corced to split the summary of my offer (on this negotiating table) into two because I don’t know how endowed you are with logistics(time, poetic etc.

THE LIST I CAN OFFER you is the Golden rule.

1.Do unto others as you would they unto you.

2.Do unto others as they would be done.

These means I will see you exactly as myself,treat you as I would treat myself , plus as you would permit me to treat you. As a gent, I will appreciate our similarities and respect our differences. Old invaluable virtues that I will decorate you with are,,,,,,,,,,,Truth, honesty, caring, understanding, and friendship. yes I said friendship because it is very essential, not only between friends but also between lovers and even couples. My dad once answered when asked the secret of his 55 yrs happy marriage with my mum ‘FRIENDSHIP is what keep us rolling’  🙂

 THE MAXI I CAN OFFER you is my last name. I decided to include this cos I believe in the maximum reward.Having grown up from a home, I mean a very happy home, i inspire to have one too. I still believe in eternity of marriage, that is ,till death do part.

Well I don’t know which of the two offers you will welcome most but I am really happy making a wonderful lady like you such an offer. I will still consider you my angel even if it turns out negative.

Hear from you if you aint so wondering! your offer on the table??? smile

🙂                                               🙂                                               🙂

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